A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The End of Warren's House it's a 30/50 minutes long dark graphic adventure, made with RPG Maker MV.

The return home of the last heir of the Warren Family awakens a dark secret hidden for half a century.
Samuel was invited to a party organized by Daniel Warren along with many other people.
But when he comes to the villa he finds the house deserted and the old homestead keeper terrified...

You have to explore the house and find out the origin of the strange creature that dominates the fate of the Warren family and which already caused the dead and vanishing of many people.

Install instructions

The game is available for Windows and Mac in English and Italian (choose the language from Options Menu).
Download the .zip file (about 45 Mb), extract it wherever you want e double click on file Game.exe.
The game does not require installation.


Windows version
Mac version


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I'm stuck! I found a gate but can't find the key. I have a lighter, a map, and the regular house keys.

Hey about to download your game, cant wait to give it a go, also just wanted to ask how you made this and was it hard?

Hi Tiimothy,
I've made the game using RPG Maker MV and some free plugins and assets developed by the community (you can find the list in the credits). Some background elements are isometric screen captures of 3D assets.
RPG Maker is a really good editor and easy to use, and there's a lot of documentation and tutorial on the internet.
The hardest part has been to find a correct workflow for the developing process. It took three months from start to finish.
The English localization (I'm Italian) of all text needed a lot of work (and probably contains some mistakes here and there)

I really enjoyed this, loved the story and how it played out! 

Thank you very much!